L’école du futur, selon Microsoft

J’ai trouvé ça chez Darren Cannell . Statistiques et faits qui supportent bien leurs afirmations et vision.


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  1. Ouais, Netscape ou IE, sans exception… Frustrant pour les utilisateurs de logiciel libre!Un débat qui risque de prendre encore plus d’ampleur avec le temps et auquel notre ami Harold saura contribuer, j’en suis certain 😉

  2. I love Firefox as well, I did at one time love Netscape. But I have found that in education you need to use the tools that the students are using or you will not be of much use to your students. Microsoft although a dirty word to some, still controls a large amount of the market. Which means even if we don’t like it, we use it so we can know what the students are going through. I would also like to use open source and apple computers but my students are not so I will not.

  3. This is so true, Darren. It is a reality many public school jurisdictions share. As long as students who are using these tools found within the school context can learn skills that can be re-used in other applications, they will then be able to opt for different solutions when made available and make use of them. I assume a certain % of teens are already familiar with some open source (Firefox, Mozilla, Blogger, etc.) for their personnal use; now there’s an interesting study to be done.

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