Objet d’apprentissage : ça n’existe pas!

Ma lecture trippative du jour provient d’un courriel envoyé à un listserve accessible ici.

Le danger de jouer avec les mots —- Quelques extraits :

« We learn by doing. We consider. We compare. We measure, discuss, debate, critique, test, and explore. We try, fail, and try again. Learning is an activity. It’s a process. Given this undeniable fact, the term « learning object » can only be an oxymoron. An object is a thing. We don’t learn from things. We learn from doing things. »

Et plus loin il dit :
« I believe the term « learning object » has become harmful. It hides the same old, bad lecture model behind a sexy buzz phrase. If we’re really serious about stimulating learning, then we should think in terms of something like a cognitive catalyst. Rather than just serving up digital content and assuming the students will absorb it, we should be creating artifacts that function like enzymes for the intellectual digestive system. We want to increase the likelihood of a chemical reaction between a piece of information and a human mind. To me, this is the essence of teaching. »

Michael Feldstein, directeur adjoint, SUNY Learning Network


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