Le cadeau de la connection

Via le Connectivism blog, voici un billet de la Cool Cat Teacher (pas de parenté:-)). Un message d’espoir, avec un ton des plus positifs :

« The Gift of ConnectionTeachers
During the most stressful period of teaching probably in the history of mankind, we have been given a gift — a gift of connections with one another.
No teacher is an island — we are a growing continent of hope in an education system lost in the last century.
Encourage others to join in but remember this —we all have our different learning curves and the arrogant and proud never win converts — it is the humble and willing TEACHER who can encourage others to move ahead into this new world at their own pace and their own comfort level and who never says « I told you so » but only says, « Yes! I’m so proud of you! You can do it! »
Teacher — remember why you teach! Let that love of teaching spur you to become better and venture unafraid into what has turned out to be, for me, a very good place — the edublogosphere. »


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