La "maturation" de la profession

David Warlick réféchit sur le niveau de maturation de la profession enseignante, suite à son expérience au NECC2007.

« What I got up this morning thinking, wishing, hoping, was that this was, perhaps, that we are seeing a maturing of the profession, where educators are gathering, face-2-face, and over the airways, to teacher, learn, share, experiment, and explore, respecting each other and ourselves and our ability to grow our knowledge, our experience, and our mission — beyond many of the barriers that persist. »

Moi, je lui dis :
« Yes, maturing of the profession, definitely! But isn’t it also an issue of reaching critical mass for in-depth change to happen? Otherwise, the soooo interesting thinkers and educators that my RSS feed collects every day risk staying like diamonds in the rough (and perhaps marginal-thinkers to others). Any educator (and educational policymaker) can confront systemic barriers by reflecting on personal understanding and practice, in relationship to the “state of the art” in education (i.e. what we know today about: how the brain works, literacy in this day and age, our kids learning differently than what we – I’m a young boomer – saw/did then, etc.). This introspection can thus validate/confirm/negate our representation of our mission and role. It’s like “upgrading” our professional thinking and belief system… one educator at a time. »

J’avais soulevé cela ici dernièrement.


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