Littératie numérique (sic)

Toujours bon de relire ceci… Ça vient donner du sens à ce qu’on fait 😉

Ewan MacIntosh :
« The Illiterates of the 21st Century
The fact is, that many of those working in education, in politics, in the civil service are the equivalent of modern day illiterates. Without understanding how to read and write on the web, there is no other way, really, to describe this state of being. This is why media literacy teaching and learning need to be the top of every school’s literacy strategy. Reading and writing is about more than pen and paper these days. »

David Warlick :
Literacy & Learning in the 21st Century
As little as we know about the future, for which we are preparing our children, it is clear that it will be a place that is governed by information. Accessing, processing, building with, and communicating that information will be a major part of our daily professional and personal work.

Being literate in this future will certainly involve the ability to read, write, and work with numbers. However, the concept of literacy in the 21st century will be far richer and more comprehensive than the 3 Rs of the one room school house.

Our notions of literacy must expand to address a rapidly changing information landscape where information is networked, digital, and overwhelming.

  • What do you need to know, when most of recorded knowledge is a mouse-click away?
  • How do you distinguish between good knowledge and bad knowledge?
  • What does it do to the value of information, when everyone is a producer?
  • How do we teach ethics, when we are empowering our students with such prevailing skills?

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