Des conditions gagnantes

« I’ll say here what I’m saying to those school board members, “You have to give teachers permission and the keys to the car.” We have to be able to… I have to be able to say, “Here’s what needs to happen before we can expect teachers to retool their practices.

I tell them that teachers need:

  • Time to plan, collaborate, research, assess and adapt, build, and innovate (I tell them 3 to 4 hours a day — everyday).
  • Classrooms that are equipped for learning in an abundant information environment, rather than an information-scarce environment (This means wifi, a laptop in every teacher and learner’s hand, one or more projectors in each classroom, and access to the emerging technologies that channel contemporary literacy).
  • Permission to safely innovate and facility to engage in professional conversations about the changes needed for relevant education.

This is just my list right now. But I suspect that education leaders and other stakeholders must come to realize that some architecture needs to happen before we can renovate the classroom and reinvent education. When that’s happened, then we can start to expect teachers to facilitate the learning that our children deserve. »


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