Quelques réactions au sujet d’EduBloggerCon 08

Étant plutôt dans les rues de San Antonio avec des collègues anglophones de chez nous, je n’ai donc pas assisté à ces discussions, mais le wiki monté pour l’occasion fait foi d’une grande participation (200 à comparer avec 80 à Atlanta en 07). Deux blogueurs donnent leur feedback (constructif, il va sans dire).

Vinnie Vrotny :

« As you scale up a project, you have to wonder what the critical mass is before the conference becomes more unwieldy. Maybe the limit was crossed yesterday. There were fewer sessions in each during each block and there were more who wanted to present. The idea of voting using technology got in the way of just a simple raising of hands scheduling on the fly. As a result, Sylvia Martinez’s session on the reflective teacher researcher was got canceled in mid-day because of a the high demand of another session. It was unfortunate and a conversation that I will personally regret not happening. »

Ewan MacIntosh :

In Greenville last week
Chris Craft led one of the best presentations I’ve ever been in on (it was about how to present effectively, so had an interest in being top of the game). His work on cognitive load theory is, this week at NECC, striking a chord with me. There’s. Too. Much. Noise.


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