Ce que j’ai vu passer sur Twitter…

Quelques perles de la fin de semaine ——

  • « Let’s face it folks, the educational system that we work within was designed by Horace Mann and colleagues in the mid 19th century. It remains one of the few societal institutions that has not really changed. From this point, why are we so surprised that children are increasingly dropping out? Why are we so surprised that educators are having increasingly more challenges in motivating and enriching the lives of students? Teachers deserve our full support and providing them with one of the most powerful « tools » ever invented is a no-brainer to me. » (Ron Canuel, C. S. Eastern Townships)
  • Sébastien Stasse : Mais qu’est-ce qu’on évalue? Excellente question. On a beau avoir des snapshots de bonne résolution (examens, etc.). Il reste que le cadre de l’image est trop restreint. Allons en wide angle, ok?
  • Dans la même veine : « (…) on pourra dire que les valeurs de base de l’école sont définies par la communauté de l’éducation. Par contre, elle les véhicule, essaye de les vendre comme on vendait les produits et services autrefois : on répète, on crie, on impose le message “l’école est bien pour vous”. C’est sans prendre en compte que l’utilisateur d’aujourd’hui fait parti de cette génération Y ou GenY, qui fonctionne autrement … » (billet de Beer Bergman)
  • « The double slash, though a programming convention at the time, turned out to not be really necessary, Mr. Berners-Lee explained. Look at all the paper and trees, he said, that could have been saved if people had not had to write or type out those slashes on paper over the years — not to mention the human labor and time spent typing those two keystrokes countless millions of times in browser address boxes. » (The Web’s Inventor regrets One Small Thing)
  • The Golden Triangle: The three current big megatrends in the web/tech sector are mobile, social, and real-time.
  • A blog post, a tweet, a connection. Jeff Utecht: « Making deep connections only happen when you put yourself out there….sure we can play it safe…but playing it safe has never lead to deeper understanding! »
  • Sir Ken – Creativity in the classroom, innovation in the workplace. « Creativity is the process of having original ideas: innovation is putting them into practice. Creativity is a function of intelligence, and human intelligence is complex and dynamic. This is why the world is full of music, dance, architecture, design, practical technology, relationships and values. Different people have different creative strengths – in music, or mathematics, or working with clay, or software, or images or with people. Real creativity comes from finding your medium, from being in your element. The most creative companies recognize this in how they recruit, position and train all their staff, not just a few.« 

Sur ce, bonne s’maine 🙂


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