The challenge for DoE’s

With his permission, here is a reflexion by my colleague and friend, Mario Chiasson, on the challenge of K-12 organizations in this day and age.   Merci Mario!


It would important to distinguish between the word “Technology” and “ICT” (Information and Communication Technology). Any devices that industries are using are a product of the technological evolution. That means everything! I do believe that the educational institutions around the world are being perturbed by the “ICT phenomenon” that could be described by any device that nurtures communication. A computer peripheral, Netbook, Xbox, IPod Touch, phone or Smartphone: these are some of the items that fit into this category. Therefore, the challenge we are faced with is not the “ICT phenomenon” but, the way Departments of Education will adapt and respect the way students would like to learn at schools.

Fundamentally, I do believe that everybody in the educational system should be connected and have access to this virtual world nurturing collaborative, creative and innovative learning. That means that everyone should have a personal device that will promote “Anywhere, Anytime Learning”. By securing the network activities, the IS Dept. has limited the capacities of the learning organization to be creative and innovative. We need to redefine their role and responsibility in this organisation. We need to move away from “a control and manage” to “communicate and collaborate” organization. Also, we need to increase the ICT knowledge of our leaders in our organization so to they can develop an administrative and pedagogical vision.

If we really think outside of the box, maybe redesigning a Department of Education as a whole by « flattening » the structure might be something to look into. Do we need school districts? If so, how many? How many students can learn from home or anywhere? Do we need high schools? Why bells or walls? I think those are questions that should eventually be addressed.

Finally, everyone of the organization is a LEARNER. « Teach the LEARNER how they can teach themselves and focus on the ones who can’t! »



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  1. Oui tout un défi et il faut continuer à y croire même si ces changements n’arrivent pas toujours rapidement. Bravo Mario pour ce texte et merci à Jacques pour la publication. Je vais certainement en faire référence lors d’une journée de travail avec un groupe d’enseignants-es/technopédagogues.

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