My comment to: If You Didn’t Blog It, It Didn’t Happen

A great post from Anil Dash made me reflect on my own practice/use of Twitter and my blog.  Here is my response to it:

*  *  *

I’ve been using the restaurant/house metaphor with a slight twist, adding Facebook in the equation. FB is your High school 10-20-30 year reunion, Twitter is the cool café you like and your blog is your living room.

I always try to avoid the ‘either/or’ approach to social media tools. I’ve added some (not all, of course) interesting tools in my personal toolbox and use them for different tasks. Nothing new in this statement, right? But I would add that Twitter is for me the starting point, the visible tip of the iceberg, which is why I also make use of Backupify for my tweet archives. Yes, I see my Twitter river flowing and sometimes jump in but that river continues flowing even when I’m not there and that’s OK, as you adequately described in the « Perils of a low stress environment » section.

But what about the value of Twitter #hashtags, that remain quite useful for me? And focussed Twitter chats, using the hashtag (ex. #edchat, #ClavEd) archived on a wiki or elsewhere?

What I’m trying to say here is that yes, bloging remains probably the best way for me to express ideas and to read well thought out reflexions from others, such as here. There is a sense of perennity in a blog. And it’s pedagogical value in learning, writing, expressing, debating, etc. is immense! Wish I had more time to do so, but that’s my problem. But I associate my blog to other tools; Twitter, Diigo, Slideshare, Prezi, Google Reader + Docs, etc. That’s my toolbox and I’m building a house, my house!

*  *  *

(Sooo, now it has happened?) 😉


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