Inferior at best, left behind at worst

So true…

« Academic staff generally perceive students to be more digitally capable than is really the case. A JISC study of 3,500 learners found that while the so-called Google generation have high expectations of digital technology, for example that it will be robust, flexible, responsive to their personal needs, and available anywhere, many learners do not have a clear understanding of how courses could or should use technology to support their learning. »

« Students without the skills to use digital tools risk an inferior learning process at best, and being left behind at worst. »

Source: Higher Education Network, The Guardian.


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  1. It’s an interesting observation. But it could be that the typical classroom is so far removed from technology that students are simply inable to conceive of how any technology could be relevant in such an environment. I know that when teachers ask me to recommend a technology that allows them to keep doing what they are doing, I am hard-pressed to come up with an answer.

    • Merci pour le commentaire, Stephen.

      The heart of the problem is, as you say, looking for « a technology that allows them to keep doing what they are doing ». Simple answer would be to say that all technologies (or most) can allow this but also these technologies can allow doing what they haven’t been doing…

      Once again, it’s removing the « e » in e-learning and focussing on the learning. Powerpoint can be a powerful learning tool just as Voicethread can be the opposite; it’s what you do with them. I am tempted to exclude social media from this last statement; it seems to me that one would be hard pressed to consign the use of a blog or Twitter, etc. in a most traditional unidirectional flow of content from the teacher to the student. C’est contre nature… The challenge is to show in what ways these tools can leverage student learning and to empower teachers in their use.

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