The challenge of our time

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Faire l’école aujourd’hui, pour Peter Senge, ca veut dire ceci. Tout. Simplement.

« The challenge of our time is not economic competitiveness. The challenge is to build not only « sustainable » but regenerative societies — ones that enhance natural and social capital.

This is a challenge that young people everywhere increasingly recognize, as indicated by the global movement among the young to reverse climate change, stop the destruction of species and ecosystems, and face honestly the widening gaps between rich and poor. The wheels are coming off the train of the global economic growth machine and young people sense this. But they have real questions whether or nottheir adult « leaders » do, as reflected in large numbers of young people who are pessimistic about the ongoing and largely unmet challenges like climate change, water, and the destruction of ecosystems. And they have real questions regarding what they can do, if anything.

No institution has a more crucial role to play in the historic changes coming than school because no institution has greater potential to impact how a society changes over the long term. How we educate our children shapes the future, because they in turn will be the ones who create that future. The growing gap between what they need to be able to understand (such as alternative cultures and social-technological-ecological systems) and to do (such as work collaboratively to solve complex interdependant problems) and what we have traditionally taught is the primary reason so many young people find school less and less relevant for their lives.

And they are right. »

Peter Senge (préface du livre de Michael Fullan, All Systems Go, 2010, page xi)


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