Social media in the classroom (…and the big edu picture)

Creating and giving a keynote is always a challenge. Doing it in your second language (english, in my case) and adding multiple tech components adds to the challenge. But it is so worth it!

Here is the Prezi relating to my keynote at the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers‘ Networking Day in Ottawa, Sept. 28, 2012.

Social media in the classroom (+ the edu big picture!) on Prezi

I provided some time ago a brief description but in hindsight, I thought it was somewhat bland

« These are transformative years for the world of education. Teaching and learning in the 21st century are leveraged by technologies and the internet, as educators reflect on its impact on curriculum, classroom strategies, assessment of learning and education infrastructure. Many organizations are also finding ways to harness empowering tools in order to leverage their outreach with their communities. Social media plays a big part in this transformation, as educators, leaders and community managers can now establish and maintain their own personal learning network (PLNs) by the use of web tools within communities of interest and of practice.

To learn in network is to observe, think, share and interact. It is also requires each of us to manage our online identity and to use appropriate filters that reduce ‘ambient noise’. This is true for the student, the educator and the administrator; we are all learners in perpetual beta.

This conversation will focus on demystifying the use and impact of social media and to see how technology can benefit professional educators who look for innovative forms for continuous learning and innovative professional development through their learning network. »

In a slightly different angle/approach, I’ll be talking about social media in the classroom, but also trying to put this in a more holistic perspective. Zoom out, zoom it, zoom out again.

Anyway, here are links to the Prezi ‘complements’. I am asking participants to see in each of them what could be the ways they would use these in the classroom. A call to ‘pedagogical creativity’.

BTW, today, I received Michael Fullan’s latest book, Stratosphere – Integrating Technology, Pedagogy, and Change Knowledge. Such great timing! It really sums up well what I have tried to convey in my presentation:

« The trio of technology, pedagogy, and change knowledge, makes for an unbeatable combination. The convergence is so strong that we may well see in the immediate future multiple lines of breakthrough solutions radicalizing how and what we learn. Education and technology BFF!  »

Probably the best book he’s written so far.


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